Jeremiah Murphy
Podcast Producer, Science Journalist and Comedy Writer
M.A., Science and Medical Journalism
Chapel Hill, NC
Twitter: je7emiah * LinkedIn

Funny Atmosphere: A Podcast about Climate Change

This was a podcast series I produced for my thesis project. My goal was to produce a humorous exploration climate change. I scheduled interviews, researched story ideas, edited, wrote and recorded the series (and created some motion graphics too!). I used a variety of recording set-ups including a podcast studio, field recordings, an iPhone and recording archival audio from the C-SPAN website.

How Young Girls View Super Heroes

This was for a project I produced, wrote and edited about how young girls (particularly my daughter) might view super heroes and comic books.

Restorative Fire (UNC-TV)

I was the scriptwriter for this short documentary on prescribed burns in North Carolina State Parks. This piece ran as a segment on UNC-TV's Sci-Tech Now. I also voiced the narration and assisted with producing the piece--researching story ideas, pre-interviewing sources, scouting field locations and interviewing sources on camera.

I have experience creating motion graphics to illustrate complext topics. Below is an example of a motion graphic about climate change solutions.


I love finding stories in data, using a variety of tools such as Carto, SQL, Excel, combing through budgets, census data and good old fashioned googling.

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I have a background in performing comedy and recently graduated with a master's in journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill.

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